Cindy-Marie Leicester Senior Consultant (APAC)

Cindy-Marie Leicester joined Christy Media in 2013, working as a Consultant in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

A Ravensbourne Programme Operations graduate who has worked in broadcast for more than 20 years, Cindy-Marie possesses an enviable depth and breadth of broadcast knowledge.  In addition to her impressive record of 27 channel launches in one year, she also has an excellent understanding of a wide range of broadcast roles, having worked on a multitude of projects during her time at Viacom.  Cindy-Marie has also worked in the MCR at the Olympics, Paralympics and Winter Olympics, which she describes as, “a great way of keeping skills sharp as well as networking”.

Currently based in Cambodia, Cindy-Marie is responsible for recruiting across all broadcast disciplines in the Asia-Pacific region.  She is enjoying exploring the region, and when she isn’t travelling, she likes playing and watching sports and can be found on the netball court, the gym or pool every day.