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07 Mar

BVE 2017

BVE ended last week and the Christy Media Solutions team are all back in the office now, here are a few snaps we took at the show…

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14 Feb

Meet our team at BVE

We’re looking forward to another busy BVE exhibition at the end of this month and hope that you will visit our stand if you’re at the show, click here to find out more…

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18 Jan

BVE 2017

Want to meet up with us at BVE in London in February? Find out more about the show here…

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28 Oct

Dates for BVE 2017

Christy Media Solutions will be exhibiting at BVE 2017 on stand F43. The show is scheduled a little later than previous years…

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26 Feb

BVE 2016 – Round up

The stands are packed up, the halls have emptied and everyone is now back in the office, after our trip to London’s BVE this week…

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