Thinking about contract work?

Many broadcast roles are fulfilled by contractors rather than permanent employees as companies often opt to employ specialists for a limited time period or for a specific project. They don’t want a long-term employee, they need someone with a particular blend of skills to deliver a specific function and they are happy to pay more for that expertise, partly because the relationship has a clearly defined duration.

So that’s one of the reasons an employer might choose to opt for contractors rather than take on additional employees, but why would an employee decide to become a contractor?

What are the advantages of contracting?

Interesting assignments, varied locations, fresh challenges, short term commitments and the opportunity to work with a range of employers across your chosen field. Contractors enjoy good financial rewards and a flexible work lifestyle.

Would contracting suit my personality?

Here are some of the key personality traits we feel make a successful contractor. You need to be:

  • Organised – You will need to manage contracts / timesheets and possibly invoicing or other business admin, depending on what type of payment solution you opt for.
  • Motivated – You will have to secure your own work so will need to network with agencies and directly with hiring managers to ensure you are constantly employed.
  • Friendly – You will have to ‘gel’ with teams on a temporary basis.
  • Flexible – You may be given more menial tasks to do and must be prepared to have a flexible attitude to your role. You must also be flexible on where you will work, and for what rate.

As with many things in life, with increased benefits there are also increased risks and responsibilities.  Contractors do often enjoy higher remuneration than their employed peers, but they are also responsible for many things that employees take for granted for example, NI, holiday and sick pay and there can be an element of risk regarding continuity of employment.  

All of the roles we filled at the Olympics in 2012 were contract positions – specialists brought in to fulfil very specific roles for a limited duration. For many, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved with a major sporting event and it is opportunities like these that can make contracting a professionally rewarding career option.  

Some contractors enjoy working in a variety of countries, exploring the world, whilst others prefer to settle in one area and contract for employers in that area – the choice is a very personal one and will be affected by your individual circumstances and personality.

Many of the contractors we work with have worked with us for a number of years, contacting us as their contract end approaches so that we can source their next contract for them.

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