Thinking about contract work?

Contract work has some great advantages:

Interesting assignments, fresh challenges, short term commitments and the opportunity to work with a range of employers across your chosen field.  Contractors enjoy good financial rewards and a flexible work lifestyle.

Would contracting suit your personality?

Here are some of the key personality traits we feel make a successful contractor.  You need to be:

  • Friendly – You will have to ‘gel’ with teams on a temporary basis.
  • Organised – You will need to manage contracts / timesheets and possibly invoicing or other business admin, depending on what type of payment solution you opt for.
  • Flexible – You may be given more menial tasks to do and must be prepared to have a flexible attitude to your role.  You must also be flexible on where you will work, and for what rate.
  • Motivated – You will have to secure your own work so will need to network with agencies and directly with hiring managers to ensure you are constantly employed.


Contract workers can choose between joining an umbrella company, or being a director and shareholder of their own Limited Company, often referred to as a personal service company or PSC.  There are links at the foot of this page to further information regarding both these options.

Some agencies also offer the option of agency PAYE for temporary workers.  Generally, agencies do not reimburse your business expenses, therefore your remuneration package will not be enhanced.  Christy Media Solutions does not offer a PAYE scheme to contractors.

If you do decide to work as a contractor, whether as a Limited Company, or as an umbrella company, you will need to obtain suitable insurance to protect yourself and your client.  Christy Media Solutions’ consultants can provide details for several insurance companies when we agree a placement with you and some umbrella companies also provide insurance as part of the service they offer to contractors.

To find out more about your options as a contractor, please click on the links below:

umbrella solutions    Limited Company solutions